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Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant, Pharmaceutical Equipments, Ointment Manufacturing Plant, Double Cone Blender, Dry Heat Sterilizer, Automatic Cream Manufacturing Plant, pharmaceutical machines supplier

Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant
Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant    

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Product Name

Liquid Oral Manufacturing Plant

Product Details

The Facility Consists of :-
  • Sugar Syrup Vessel
  • Online sugar syrup prefilter
  • Manufacturing Vessel
  • Storage Vessel
  • Vacuum system for transfer of sugar syrup
  • Product piping
  • Control panels

Product Features

  • The plant is designed to be operated by one operator and one helper, saving on precious man-power costs.
  • Sugar syrup and manufacturing vessels are provided with limpet coils for heating and cooling, designed for internal vacuum to facilitate transfer of sugar directly from stores to sugar syrup vessel.
  • Sugar syrup is transferred to manufacturing vessel through online sugar syrup prefilter by vacuum.
  • Entry of all propeller agitators are from bottom through a specially designed cartridge mechanical seal with TC/TC seal face.
  • The advantage of the bottom propeller agitator over the conventional agitator is that there are no vibrations of shaft, no couplings in the drive assembly, leading to lower maintenance cost.
  • Pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of SS 316, seamless, internally electropolished with DIN standard unions and silicon Gaskets.
  • Manhole of all the vessels are equipped with davit fitting and the cover of the manhole slides instead of being lifted.
Process Control :-

Values like current, product temperature are displayed digitally on the electrical control panel.The mechanical seal is equipped with a water circulating system and has a water detection sensor which trips the motor, if the water circulation to the seal is interrupted.

Process Plant will have the special features :-

The tank is designed to withstand pressure as well as vacuum. Therefore it can be steam sterilized.

No stagnant points which will promote bacterial growth. All surfaces are creviceless and having high degree of finish. Insulation with SS welded sheeting and jacket provided on the tank will minimize heat loss.

All the surfaces coming in contact are made of SS 316 quality. Electro polished interiors are provided.